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Tracing Individuals / Beneficiaries
We can attempt to locate an individual, family member or a business. All we require is as much information as is known ie. Christian Name and Surname, approximate age, previous and current employment, previous addresses, spouse and childrens names, what church he/she attended and hobbies. All these will assist in your enquiry.

If you are involved in a road accident or any other accident for that matter it is important that you have a plan and photographs of the accident scene to be able to produce in court or to your insurance company. We can do this for you. All you need to do is let us have the location of the accident with a rough map and a brief account of the circumstances and we will do the rest. We will provide a report and photographs which clearly show the scene and a sketch plan of the scene giving measurements of roads and interview and obtain statements from witnesses and police.

It is crucial in any case that goes to Court that you have obtained all the witnesses statements and that you and your solicitor has access to the best evidence based on these statements. In one case that we dealt with a witness gave us the information that the driver of a convertible car which had struck our client had actually been standing up on the driver's seat immediately prior to the accident! You can imagine how valuable that piece of information was to the client in his claim for compensation against the driver! No one else - not even the Police - had got that information from the witnesses!

Surveillance is carried out by male and female operatives.

Investigators physically follow an individual from their location and thereafter obtain video and still photographs without them being aware. Alternatively we can set up CCTV Covert Cameras at appropriate locations.

If you are suspicious of someone or you are having problems of theft or vandalism (a case of a disgruntled neighbour who took to damaging the client's car by scratching it with a nail during darkness was solved by the setting up of a CCTV camera overlooking the car) then we can set up (or supply you with) a camera system which will operate even in pitch darkness!

Whatever you want monitored we can setup (or supply) the equipment for you on a temporary or permanent basis.

Expatriate Scots
We also provide a service for Scots and those of Scottish descent (and others) living abroad who may wish to have some memento of their home land in photographic or some other medium such as a painting. We can put you in touch with the right people. Perhaps you are going to be on holiday in Scotland and you want to participate in some hobby or activity and you are not sure where it might be carried out - we'll try and help find it. Whatever it is try us out. We will always do our best for you and you will find our fees honest, fair and up front. You will not get any unwelcome surprises.

Neighbourhood Information Report
If you are thinking of moving to Scotland we can provide you with a comprehensive report on the neighbourhood you are considering whether your reason for moving is commercial or personal. We will tell you about the local services; resources; facilities; environment and anything particular you wish to have information about. It would be nice to know - before you commit to moving - for example, if your chosen area is susceptible to flooding. We can provide you with this sort of useful local information.

Debt Recovery Services and Tracing of Absconders
Unusually in the Debt Recovery Business Dawsons Guardian Agency (Established over 60 years) have a reputation for recovering money that was previously thought unrecoverable. We have "No Joining Fee" therefore you Do NOT have any "BIG PREMIUMS TO PAY UP FRONT" "NO RECOVERY NO FEE"

Our normal procedure is firstly to send a letter, advising the debtor of our involvement on your behalf, if there is no reply, further letters and then telephone calls are then made, if we have no response at this stage, we will then proceed to instruct our own Investigator to make a personal visit, to ascertain firstly, what assets the debtor may have and secondly whether the debt can be recovered in full or by suitable instalments. Prior to doing this we would of course advise you of the facts at that time, and request your permission to instruct an outside visit.

You would then be advised of the foregoing matters together with our recommendations and whether Court Action would be successful. This would be reported to you within a few days of our office receiving the report.

A fee is then charged for our investigator's visit, either in Scotland or England. this money is due by you regardless whether or not at that stage any monies are recovered, this again will be added to the debtors account.

Tracing of absconders would be £60.00 on a 'No trace, No fee' basis.

In cases where “Litigation” is required we would advise that we will prepare the respective Small Claims/Summary Cause Summons for Court, as long as the debt amount is under £5000. If however it is over this amount then we will require the services of a Solicitor either of your own choosing, or you can use our own Company Solicitors, however prior to us raising any action an Invoice would be raised for £200 to cover the Warrant Dues, and our own fees. Sheriff Officers fees are charged separately. If your case was being defended you or a member of your staff would have to attend Court to give evidence along with our Solicitor if necessary. Debts that are under £200 our fee is only £40 plus Sheriff Officers fees.

If payment of a Debt is made either in Full, or by Instalments, then my commission is still charged at the rates as set out as below.

We are also due our fees if you are paid direct, (we have no problem with this) all we would require is a telephone call from a member of your staff supplying us with the details, thus allowing us to keep our records up to date.

At the beginning of every month you will receive the previous months statement showing:
(1) The Name of your Debtor, (2) The Reference Number you are using, (3) The Amount Paid
and (4) The Balance Outstanding.

We also enclose our remittance advice notice, showing the total amount recovered, at the appropriate rates, inclusive of direct payments and our commission, that is deducted at source, and attached is our cheque made payable to you for cleared funds.


£ 00 to £ 30 = 50%
£ 31 to £ 50 = 30%
£ 51 to £100 = 20%
£101 to £500 = 16%
£501 to £1000 = 12%
£1000 to £15000 = 7%

Our Bank is the Airdrie Savings Bank and we have a separate "Client Account" with them, therefore any money we collect on your behalf is quite secure, as it is illegal for any reputable Recovery Agent to use these funds.

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