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We provide a service to Insurance Companies in dealing with Insurance claims, Road Traffic Accident claims covering the whole of Scotland. We will also investigate and report on accident claims etc. Our fees are negotiable and can be either on an hourly basis or a set fee which can be set to the claim value in certain circumstances.

Call us today on 0141-776-0072 to discuss the solution to your needs or click here to email us with your name and address for more information.


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It can be difficult to get a straight answer on the cost of a job, but with Fox Investigations you need have no fears on that score. We will tell you exactly how much our charges are and whether it is at an hourly rate or on a set fee.

If you favour us with your business we will also tell you how you can control your costs on a day to day basis!
We are here to help you and we value our good name and reputation.

All fees in Scotland charged on a local town basis - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Shetland Islands.

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