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Unusually in the Debt Recovery Business Dawsons Guardian Agency (Established over 60 years) have a reputation for recovering money that was previously thought unrecoverable. We have "No Joining Fee" therefore you Do NOT have any "big premiums to pay up front" No recovery, no fee.

Our normal procedure is firstly to send a letter, advising the debtor of our involvement on your behalf, if there is no reply, further letters and then telephone calls are then made, if we have no response at this stage, we will then proceed to instruct our own Investigator to make a personal visit, to ascertain firstly, what assets the debtor may have and secondly whether the debt can be recovered in full or by suitable instalments. Prior to doing this we would of course advise you of the facts at that time, and request your permission to instruct an outside visit.

You would then be advised of the foregoing matters together with our recommendations and whether Court Action would be successful. This would be reported to you within a few days of our office receiving the report.

A fee is then charged for our investigator's visit, either in Scotland or England. this money is due by you regardless whether or not at that stage any monies are recovered, this again will be added to the debtors account.

Tracing of absconders on a 'No Trace, No Fee' basis.

In cases where “Litigation” is required we would advise that we will prepare the respective Small Claims/Summary Cause Summons for Court, as long as the debt amount is under £5000. If however it is over this amount then we will require the services of a Solicitor either of your own choosing, or you can use our own Company Solicitors, however prior to us raising any action an Invoice would be raised for £200 to cover the Warrant Dues, and our own fees. Sheriff Officers fees are charged separately. If your case was being defended you or a member of your staff would have to attend Court to give evidence along with our Solicitor if necessary. Debts that are under £200 our fee is only £40 plus Sheriff Officers fees.

If payment of a Debt is made either in Full, or by Instalments, then my commission is still charged at the rates as set out as below.

We are also due our fees if you are paid direct, (we have no problem with this) all we would require is a telephone call from a member of your staff supplying us with the details, thus allowing us to keep our records up to date.

At the beginning of every month you will receive the previous months statement showing:
(1) The Name of your Debtor, (2) The Reference Number you are using, (3) The Amount Paid
and (4) The Balance Outstanding.

We also enclose our remittance advice notice, showing the total amount recovered, at the appropriate rates, inclusive of direct payments and our commission, that is deducted at source, and attached is our cheque made payable to you for cleared funds.


£ 00 to £ 50 = 50%
£ 51 to £100 = 40%
£101 to £500 = 25%
£501 to £1000 = 20%
£1001 to £?0000 = 10%

Our Bank is the Airdrie Savings Bank and we have a separate "Client Account" with them, therefore any money we collect on your behalf is quite secure, as it is illegal for any reputable Recovery Agent to use these funds.

Call us today on 0141 776 6586 to discuss the solution to your needs or click here to email us with your name & address for more information.


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It can be difficult to get a straight answer on the cost of a job, but with Fox Investigations you need have no fears on that score. We will tell you exactly how much our charges are and whether it is at an hourly rate or on a set fee.

If you favour us with your business we will also tell you how you can control your costs on a day to day basis!
We are here to help you and we value our good name and reputation.

All fees in Scotland charged on a local town basis - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Inverness and Shetland Islands.

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